mike buckley

web & multimedia design

Bespoke Web Applications

Not on the Shelf

I've primarily made

bespoke web applications

to work in conjunction with many data collection/survey engines such as Confirmit and SPSS. Creating a seamless experience for the users and respondents throughout their surveys with all of the data going directly back into the survey databases.

Versatile by Design

Much of the focus for these apps is predominantly for

packaging research,

however many of these can be adapted to suit a host of different products and situations. They've been used internationally and designed to work on all platforms and browsers.

Optimised for Speed

Every effort is made to minimise the amount of data transferred and reduce the server requests to the bare minimum. Sadly, much of what I've done can't be shown for client confidentiality however there are a few examples below, if you have any specific requests or questions then please don't hesitate to ask.

Interactive 3d

This demo illustrates how you can interact and investigate virtual packs online – it blends several technologies to create an intuitive exercise.

The human eye is very adept at understanding the ergonomics of 3d object even if it is virtual – you could save thousands on expensive mock ups and reach a wider audience – no proprietary plugins or software required, it works with plain old javascript so your respondents would have no problem accessing the exercise.

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Shopping Exercise

This demonstration shows a typical supermarket shelf with active products – the idea being that you can test the impact of your packaging alongside competitors. Each pack is active, simply click on a pack to see in detail and either buy or put the pack back.

The routine is ideally suited to larger screens desktop/laptops – it will work fine on a mobile but the packs will be small.

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Data Visualisation

This demo shows a heatmap overlaid onto an image which represents click points that respondents made during a survey. They were asked to click on the area of the picture they liked the best, didn't like or had no preference. You can filter the results with any of the demographics recorded during the survey but to keep things simple I've just used insurance type.

The routine is ideally suited to larger screens desktop/laptops – it will work fine on a mobile but the images will be small.

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