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Video Paints a Million Words

It goes without saying that you can communicate a vast amount of information through the medium of video – this could be with a blend of real footage coupled with

graphics and animation

. I have a lot of experience compiling videos for a host of different reasons.

Marketing and promotional videos, video reporting, interviews and short social media advertising videos.

Below are a few examples of video animation, unfortunately, I am unable to showcase some of the project work I have produced due to client confidentiality reasons and GDPR considerations.

These examples are purely promotional and have been made with a combination of vector illustrations, real photography and audio. Harnessing several applications from the Adobe suite - After Effects, Photoshop and Audacity.

Reflected Life

This video showcases several attributes - Logo design, branding and animation.

The brief was to create a promotional video which included brand colours for all of the other companies within the group. Again, this employed vector illustrations and Adobe After Effects animation techniques.

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Shopper Tracker

This was my first 'full length' two dimentional animation sequence, the hundreds of rotating cogs proved a challenge even for the most powerful machine but they were part of the corporate look and feel at the time.

The video illustartes all of the touch points a shopper makes during the journey to purchase.

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Animated Title

After a company re-branding exercise much impetus was put on bringing existing imagery and logos inline with the new look and feel. This is an example where an existing 2d logo was made to look more relevant with the style guidelines whilst giving it a more authentic spin - makes me thirsty! Don't blink - you might miss something... it's quite quick as it's just an intro.

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